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How does coaching or training change your life?

Coaching and training – they are an interplay between people who respect and trust each other. My role? I listen and probe, I put myself in your shoes, I understand, inspire, motivate, and challenge you. I support, offer structure, and guide you. Your job? You talk, reveal, ask, think (aloud, too), philosophise, feel, dream, maybe hesitate, and then… you end up stepping that one millimetre outside your comfort zone.

The result:

  • You believe in yourself, you feel empowered, and your personal efficacy is solid as a rock.
  • Your negative behavioural patterns are broken, your limiting beliefs have disappeared.
  • You experience problems as ‘challenges’.
  • You have a positive outlook on what is ahead of you.
  • You set clear priorities.
  • You act and achieve your goals.
  • You grow.


Jan Sjöcrona, life coach, coaching expert

Life coaching

A life coach helps you to prosper, privately and professionally. To find harmony, a sense of wellbeing, happiness, and success.

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Jan Sjöcrona, leiderschapstraining, coaching expert

Leadership training

A good leader leads by example. My question is: what example do you set? How do you lead yourself? How conscious are you handling this?

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Jan Sjöcrona, intervisiebegeleiding, coaching expert

Intervision Facilitator

I can facilitate your intervision group as moderator. I can also guide you in setting up a self-managing intervision group.

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Jan provides focus and structure.

Calming and highly motivating coach.

Personal leadership. That is what Jan, being a wise coach, gave me valuable insights into.

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