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A life coach helps you to succeed, both personally and professionally. To find harmony, a sense of wellbeing, happiness, and fulfilment. A life coach assists you in defining your problems in solvable terms. And he subsequently guides you in conquering those obstacles. The life coach aims to enhance your self-confidence in your own ideas, abilities, and approach. He also hands you alternative, unexpected insights or ways of acting, which clarify your though process. That way, both your abilities and manner of decision-making can improve. As a result, your quality of life improves. A life coach helps you change your thoughts, your behavioural patterns, your approach, when you find it difficult to do just that.

A life coach is not a therapist, but has a lot of psychological and practical insight, as a result of training and experience. Different from a psychotherapist, the life coach does not primarily focus on your past, but rather on your future: what do you want your attitude towards life to be, and what must you do to achieve that? Nor is a life coach an advisor, whose counsel you should blindly follow. Of course, your life coach may make suggestions, hand you new ideas or action plans, but the point is you finding your own path, your truth, and your answers. Through excellent listening skills and the right questions, a life coach helps you with that. A life coach helps you to think about realising change in your life, so that you can find and achieve your goal. A life coach supports your personal development.

A life coach can coach you through an important transition or change in your life, such as looking for a new career, or finding a new relationship. A life coach can give you insights and tips on your performance, presentation, ‘radiation’ and persuasiveness. This is where growth can be valuable for your credibility and efficacy, when want your opinion to be heard in a professional or personal environment. A life coach can even help you conquer your fear of public speaking or flying. A life coach can help you get ‘back on track’, when you feel you have lost your way for a bit.

A life coach can also simply be your sparring partner, when you want to discuss personal or professional matters with someone who is objective and sincere, and whose feedback is clear.

‘It is not enough to have a good mind; the main thing is to use it well.’ – René Descartes

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