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My passion

Coaching people in their search for personal growth, balance, and leadership, truly grabbed me. I coach people who want to turn around certain aspects of their life but find their progress lacking. And I know from experience: coaching helps. Because two wonderful coaches helped me gain insights which changed my life. The efficacy of a coach who listens with an open mind, probes out of interest, mildly questions fallacies, breaks through engrained thought patterns, structures an avalanche of ideas, opens doors to new visions and possibilities, keeps you focused – the efficacy of such a coach cannot be overestimated.

My expertise and skills

My skills originate in practical experience, ‘trial and error’; when I was a lawyer and professor, I coached numerous people. And often received very clear feedback. Sometimes criticism, sometimes praise – the feedback always gave me a deeper insight into my own motivations and the effect of my manner of coaching. An extremely valuable learning experience.

My insight into tried-and-tested coaching techniques was broadened immensely by Tony Robbins, (‘The CEO Whisperer’, according to Fortune 500). In 2013-2015, I took his Leadership Mastery classes, the Mastery University programme, and the Business Mastery module.

As a coach, I am certified by the Robbins-Madanes Training Centre.

My method

The coaching method I use was developed by Tony Robbins and Dr Cloé Madanes and is called ‘Strategic Intervention’. What it boils down to, is that the coach has a guiding role, effecting positive behavioural changes. During the coaching sessions, the coach plays an active role by asking questions, challenging, giving feedback on the client’s perceptions, providing an insight into unhelpful (‘engrained’) thought patterns and by giving assignments (including unusual ones…).

At all times, the client’s core motivations are key. So, we will start by examining those, in depth. After a few sessions, you will know exactly what motivates you, what your goals are and how you can achieve them. This leaves just one thing: ACTION. Of course, you yourself must get moving, but, as your coach, I can and will encourage you. So, we work on your future together.

My goal

Helping my clients approach life empowered, balanced, focused, and happy with themselves – that is what I want to achieve.

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