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When is life coaching, leadership training or intervision facilitation helpful?

  • Are you unhappy with your work-life balance? Are you searching for balance and harmony in your existence?
  • Do you find being a manager or working with colleagues difficult
  • Are you unsure of your professional efficacy? Are you hesitant about your career?
  • Are you encountering complications in your personal relationship(s)?
  • Do you not feel ‘good enough’ (or do you, as I once did, ‘blame’ someone else too often…)?
  • Do you have difficulty choosing or deciding?
  • Have you lost control of your life?
  • Are you experiencing inner unrest? Sleeplessness?
  • Are you juggling too many balls?
  • Are you losing sight of the overall picture?
  • Do you wish to conquer a certain fear?
  • Or break with a nasty habit?
  • Have you (almost) reached the burnout stage?

You have got only three options in life: you give up, you adapt, or… YOU GO FOR IT, BECAUSE YOU DESERVE IT!

What do you prefer: do nothing and continue living the way you live now? Or take that first deciding step towards change? Live strong, live with passion. Create your future!

‘It is in the moments of your Decisions that your Destiny is shaped.’ – Anthony Robbins

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