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Intervision is a systematic discussion of work-related questions, problems, or ‘challenges’. Participants in the intervision group will give each other advice, in collegial support. They help each other towards new insights and solutions. It is about sharing knowledge and experience for the purpose of quality improvement and professionalisation. Personal growth and professional development go hand in hand.

The groups is a ‘horizontal’ mix and therefore consists of people from similar functional levels. No hierarchical structure. This facilitates a strictly confidential exchange of information. Ideally, the group consists of at least five and at most eight participants.

There is a suitable intervision method for every group. Beginning groups benefit from clear, solution-oriented, and advice-oriented methods. In more advanced groups, the focus can – if need be – shifted to introspection and meaning.

An intervision group is generally supervised by a professional moderator, the intervisor, from outside the organisation. Groups whose composition has changed, or that need new life breathed into them, also often opt for an independent, external moderator.

I am a certified intervision moderator.

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‘The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.
Never lose a holy curiosity.’ – Albert Einstein

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