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Jan is extremely on point and empathetic. He quickly reached a deep understanding of bottlenecks and brought me new insights and practical solutions. During a difficult time, he helped me regain mental focus and peace. Jan is a top coach who really makes a difference.

Jan coached me in a clear and empathetic way. I strongly doubted whether the job and culture of the organization I was working for at the time, were still right for me. My job satisfaction was lacking, even though I enjoyed the content of my work. I had difficulty putting my finger on the reasons. But Jan held up a mirror to me. And in just two 2-hour sessions, I discovered that my work environment did not sufficiently reflect the value that was important to me, of ‘trust in humanity and equality’. Currently, I am working somewhere else, and I have experienced that step as very positive for my job satisfaction. I am glad that Jan helped me to adequately make a very difficult decision.

If you never work on yourself, you will continue encountering the same issues (behavioural patterns)! That is what I found out during a training weekend, and subsequently Jan offered to help me get past my pitfalls. Jan is well-versed in various techniques and methods and applies these when necessary. His coaching helped me a lot in seeing myself as I am and in being able to trust my abilities.

How special to find that I do not analyse and worry, but mainly feel and proceed from what I feel and want. Funny and confronting, what you write about the burnout. I have noticed I am no longer able to do things that are objectionable to me, and that I can’t prevaricate, waste energy any longer. Just like in the old days, really, when I was more in touch with myself and followed my own path. I am finally returning to that person (me) and that gives me a tremendous amount of self-confidence.

Jan’s coaching style pairs empathy with a business approach. He is respectful yet tenacious. He asks questions that make you think, about both professional and personal issues. Thus, points for discussion are quickly identified. He opens doors to new insights.

My life’s theme is that I have no clear plan. Life brings me a lot of good, but I feel I have, somehow, also missed the boat. If I express and more actively direct my goals and wishes, I am better able to take control of my life and get more out of it, professionally and privately. That is personal leadership. That is where Jan, as a wise coach, gave me valuable insight.

Jan provides focus and structure.

Jan is like a gently breeze, bringing clarity and, thus, focus. Without pressure or force, he leads you to your core.

I really feel sustainable change thanks to the insights you gave me.

For several years now, we have asked you to make your interns and staff think, feel, and act ‘out of the box’. Your energetic personality and years of experience working in a high-pressure environment like ours, make] you the perfect person to do so. You have the unique ability of making people look at their own competence and incompetence, without it being boring or averse.

You have been invaluable to me, Jan! In a sincere and, at the same time, practical manner, you have guided me through the ‘struggles of life’ of the lawyering business. I wish for everyone to have such a mentor… To me, Jan is the ‘physiotherapist for the mind’, allowing me to stay upright in my profession. Thanks for an ever-listening ear and the on-point, guiding advice.

I’m excited to finally be free of the negative energy. Focusing on this new challenge of new learning and growth, the fulfilment of helping others… so very thrilled to be back on track. Wishing you the best with much gratitude and hoping our paths cross again.

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